Single Character Input Function : getch()

Single Character Input Function : getch()

getch() is used to get a character from console but does not echo to the screen.


int getch(void);

Example Declaration:

char ch;
ch = getch(); (or ) getch();


getch reads a single character directly from the keyboard, without echoing to the screen.

Return Value:

This function return the character read from the keyboard.

Example Program:

void main()
   char ch;
   ch = getch();
   printf("Input Char Is :%c",ch);

Program Explanation:

Here,declare the  variable ch as  char data type, and then get a value through getch() library function and store it in the variable ch.And then,print the value of variable ch.

During the program execution, a single character is get or read through the getch(). The given value is not displayed on the screen and the compiler does not wait for another character to be typed.And then,the given character is  printed through the printf function.