Convert a Floating-point value to an Integer in C

Convert float value to an int or Round float value

we can convert very easily,

For Converting floating point value, add 0.5 and convert to integer we can get correct answer,

floating_point_value + 0.5 and Convert to int




you can convert floating point to integer but the straight conversion has some problem.we cannot get the correct value.

if x value 1.9 means.

flaot x=1.9

int a = 1.9

now a has value of is not the correct answer.then, only we add 0.5 then convert integer.


float x=1.9,y=2.4;
int a,b;

a = (int)(x+0.5);
b = (int)(y+0.5);

now you get correct answers,

a has 2.

also,b has 2.

Example Program for Convert float value to an int:

void main()
	// Declaring Variables
	float x=1.9,y=2.4;
	int a,b;

	printf("Value Of x:%f",x);
	printf("Value Of y:%f",y);

	// Simple Conversion

	a = (int)(x+0.5);
	b = (int)(y+0.5);
	printf("Value Of a:%d",a);
	printf("Value Of b:%d",b);