If Statement Example Program In C Programming Language


  • The if statement executes based test expression inside the braces.
  • If statement expression is to true, If body statements are executed.
  • If statement expression is to false, If body statements are skipped.
  • IF conditional statement is a feature of this programming language which perform different computations or actions depending on whether a programmer-specified boolean condition evaluates to true or false. Apart from the case of branch predication, this is always achieved by selectively altering the control flow based on some condition.
  • Simply, Block will execute based on If condition or value.


if (expression) // Body will execute if expression is true or non-zero
  code here

Example Program for Simple If:

/* Example Program For If In C Programming Language
  little drops @ thiyagaraaj.com
  Coded By:THIYAGARAAJ MP       */

// Header Files
//Main Function
int main()
	// Variable Declaration
	int a;

	//Get Input Value
	printf("Enter the Number :");

	//If Condition Check
	if(a > 10)
		// Block For Condition Success
		printf("%d Is Greater than 10",a);

	// Wait For Output Screen
	//Main Function return Statement
	return 0;


Sample Output:

Enter the Number :15

15 Is Greater than 10